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Rob Whelpton

Rob Whelpton was born in 1952. He trained at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, qualifying in the art of ceramics in 1974. After college Rob spent time in Botswana and Denmark until 1983 when returned to England. He initially worked as trainee at Dart Pottery. Then in 1985 Whelpton established his own Sculptor pottery and sculpture workshop.Rob Whelpton has created a distinctive style of ceramic sculpture. He uses the ancient Raku process firing each art piece outdoors. The crackling of the glazes and vibrant colours of each sculpture is achieved by placing the red hot pots in sawdust, which ignites with the heat, further charring the unglazed areas. Changing humidity and temperature means that even for a sculptor of Whelpton's experience each sculpture takes on a different and unexpected finish following the Raku process. Rob Whelpton art sculptures are created by careful drawing on the surface of each art piece. Recurring patterns to Rob Whelpton ceramic sculptures and pots are birds, animals, boats and fish motifs. Whelpton achieves a rhythmic and intertwined variety of shapes in his sculpture combined with beauty and a strong element of humour. His sculptures are coloured using slips and metallic salts and Whelpton often enhances his sculptures using gold leaf.

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