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Ant and Di Edmonds

(Tydd Pottery)

After producing terracotta garden

pots for 25 years, Ant Edmonds and his wife Di, a ceramicist and painter, switched to concentrating on a range of tin-glazed earthenware.

They used majolica techniques with blue designs painted onto a white opaque glaze which they produced for a further 20 years.

At the Simon Drew Gallery we have just a few pieces of this blue and white majolica ware in stock (see images).

In 2019 they decided on a fundamental shift away from domestic ware.

They now make individual vessels built up from flattened coils of clay which are subsequently pinched into shape by hand or with a variety of implements.

These are decorated with black geometric designs and without the use of glaze.

Sources of inspiration come from the pottery made by generations of the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico.

Each vessel takes many hours to complete, built mainly by Ant and decorated mainly by Di often with zig zag or checked patterns, intricate and beautiful.




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