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Exhibitions for 2023

An Exhibition of Ceramics 

by Ant and Di Edmonds

(Tydd Pottery)

Friday 26th May (preview evening)


Tuesday 13th June



We're excited to be holding an exhibition of the work produced by Ant and Di Edmonds- the names behind 'Tydd Pottery'

For 50 years they have been perfecting their beautiful craft.

starting originally with terra cotta garden pots they turned to domestic pottery using majolica techniques with blue designs painted onto a white opaque glaze.

Their latest work sees them dispensing with the potter's wheel and making hand-built vessels, often decorated with geometric patterns. 

To put these patterns onto a 3D surface they must be outlined in soft pencil and then completed with black stain to create the complex designs. The vessel then has a second firing followed by a wax polish.

The vessels are individual and each one takes hundreds of hours to complete. The process results in objects of spectacular beauty.

tydd 3.webp
tydd 2.webp
tydd 4.webp
tydd 6.webp
tydd 5.webp

Previous Exhibitions

Elaine Peto

New Work

A one-person show for 2022 beginning on May 27th.

Elaine Peto is one of the galleries most popular potters making her distinctive animals and birds.

Elaine Peto Hare March 2022.jpg

John Pollex

The exhibition is open from Friday 28th of May from 10am till 7pm though we are unable to have a full open evening due to current                                   restrictions. Numbers will be limited at any one time.

IMG_1122 small.jpeg

Ross Emerson - May 2019

In May 2019 we hosted an exhibition by Ross Emerson.

Some pieces from the exhibition are available to view under the 'Ross Emerson' section.


Blue and White Exhibition - October 2018

A collaboration of ceramicists, including Ross Emerson, Tydd Pottery, Jenny Southam and Vanessa Conyers came together to exhibit all pots that are blue and white.



   'Jennie Hale: New Ceramics'

            May 2018

Raku sculptures of birds and mammals, inspired by creatures from the woodlands and moors - the natural world in which Jennie is an expert and an adventurer.

She also created depictions of wildlife on fabulous earthenware jugs, bowls, vases and other pieces.

Jennie has become a valued regular contributer to our gallery collection and we have several pieces constantly in stock.

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