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        Jennie Hale

Jennie Hale has made a varied career as a potter, painter, illustrator and teacher from her life-long fascination with the natural world.

Her early ability to draw, to paint and to sculpt

were further developed at art school, where she studied ceramics, and afterwards as assistant to the well-known potter Marianne de Trey at Dartington.

Jennie eventually set up her own workshop in a remote and beautiful wooded valley in Devon. There she continues to produce a fantastic body of work- raku woodland creatures, earthenware vessels and bowls, watercolours and an illustrated diary. This diary led to the publication of a book describing and illustrating her encounters with wildlife and the rich landscape.

Jennie has extraordinary energy and creativity, as well as technical skill. She is an avid hillwalker, mountaineer and sea kayaker - all of these activities continue to inform and enhance her work.

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